Contract Vehicles


NSI contracts extend across the Naval Aviation Enterprise (NAE), the F-35 Joint Program Office (JPO), the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Helicopter Program Office (HPO) at Wright-Patterson AFB, and the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Defense Exports and Cooperation (DASA DE&C), U.S. Department of State (DOS), and other agencies and program management offices. NSI's founding precepts are of a Warfighter-focused enterprise built on core values of superior service quality, technical innovation, personal integrity, teamwork, and mission success. NSI is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company for Aerospace and Defense customers.

NSI supports rapid integration of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tools into an Integrated Digital Environments (IDE) and rapidly integrates other Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) applications through its SecDevOps environment. In recent key efforts, NSI has pushed the frontier of Big Data Analytics and Digitizing Sustainment within Military Aviation, to include the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) analysis tools.

  • Seaport - NxG

    Support Services, including Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, IT/Networks, IA/Cybersecurity, T&E, Site Surveys, R&D Support, MS&A, Prototyping, Mods, Tech Documentation, Inact/Disposal, Prog Spt, BFM, QA, Training, Database Admin & Data Analysis, Logistics, CM


    Multiple PEO(T) PSI/M Logistics Contracts: PMA-231, 234, 265, 213, 261, 299

  • PASS - SB Mac

    FFP only; PM Spt, BFM, Cost Est., Life Cycle Log, Analytics, Sys Eng, IT dvpt/spt, Ed & Training, Tech Editing, Security

  • DTIC - SB Mac

    Up to $15M per TO in 22 Tech Areas, including Reliability, Maintainability, Quality, Supportability, and Interoperability (RMQSI); Software and Data Analysis; Modeling & Simulation; and Knowledge Mgmt and Information Sharing

  • GSA OASIS Pool 3 SB

    MAC held by over 40 companies, spanning the full range of professional services and Federal agencies


    Kits, Recovery, Augmentation, Components, and Engines (KRACEn), awarded April 2020, for W/F Augmentation, Supply Spt, SE, Logistics, Tech Data, Tech Assists, Maintenance, Related Svcs


    NSI is prime to compete on LAMPS TOs spanning all to IPS Elements & FMS


    Product Dvpt / Prototyping

  • LOG-IT (ALE)

    Ceiling to potentially add PEO(T) programs' digital efforts (e.g., MEGA, PLM, maintenance & logistics data)


    “Digitizing Systems Sustainment” scope supports COTS integration and Quick Response Pilots across DoD (e.g., SPB, ISCM)


    Ceiling to potentially add PEO(T) programs' digital efforts (e.g., MEGA, PLM, maintenance & logistics data)


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