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Engineering-related imagery such as gears, light bulbs, etc.

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The NSI Engineering Community of Interest (COI) meets monthly to discuss Topics of Interest and engineering related work being accomplished at NSI.

Membership is voluntary and is comprised of engineers and other technical people with areas of expertise such as Counter Drone, UAV Systems Engineering, H-60 Electronics, Software and Software Test including DO-178A/B and 5G Telecommunications.

Some of the topics discussed have been Electronics for MQ-25 Sting Ray, JSF DevSecOps and integrating 5th Gen RADAR software, Counter Drone State Department work, Integrating T-CASS on an H-60 FMS program, modular open architecture, NSC Spectrum Superiority Task Group TDL - ENG Spectrum Sharing Approach, and the Reasons why Firmware Development Plan (FDP) should be separate from Software Development Plan (SDP).

Develop a Community

Meet and engage with like-minded professionals.

Share Issues

Collaborate on common pain points.


Identify real-world answers to real-world problems.

Knowledge Transfer

Learn from Subject Matter Experts.


Discuss the current landscape of fields related to NSI's current work.


Learn about exciting projects.


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